25 August 2015

Usain Bolt 'End of Days' Illustrations for Sport Magazine

This week I undertook an exciting commission for Sport Magazine consisting of front cover, inside full page and spot illustrations. The feature addresses how athletics will cope with Usain Bolt retiring...and also looks at how doping does or does not affect general interest in the sport....

Sport Magazine haven't used illustration on their covers for aaages so I was really privileged to be asked to illustrate the cover!

“There were one million Usain Bolt mentions on social media during London 2012 and some Diamond League meetings attract 15-20,000 more spectators in the years when Usain is competing compared to years when he’s not there. Even the brands he endorses consistently report an increase in sales directly related to the campaigns that feature him.” 

“It’s almost as if fans of cycling and athletics – or maybe it’s just human nature – aren’t that bothered by the drugs issues. Either that or they have some kind of morbid fascination with it. Perhaps without the drugs stories the sport would be a lot bigger, it’s hard to say, but it hasn’t killed athletics over the last 30 or 40 years and I can’t see it doing so in the near future.”

15 August 2015

Its been a while! Here's a little summery flowers illustration...just playing around....

22 April 2015

Watercolour illustrations for Arla Skyr Yoghurt packaging

Global design consultancy Elmwood commissioned me to create the illustrations for Arla's revived 'Skyr' range of yoghurts.

The packaging takes inspiration from the pure and striking Icelandic landscape, and makes quite an impact on shelf with such a strong and energetic design.

An iceberg is the hero image, reflecting the pure and thick natural yoghurt, whilst the water reflection beneath it creatively expresses the layers of flavour and texture including fruits in some variants.

8 April 2015

A brief chronological compendium of watches.

Hope ya'll had a nice break over Easter.

In light of the new Apple Watch launch soon I've been creating a miniature compendium of historical watches from 1530 to the present day! Would love to know what you think.

1 April 2015

Sneak peek!

A wee sneak peek for you of some edible flowers Ive been painting for Three Rivers, Bristol. This is a super exciting new event organised by the super Gastrophonic and Flinty Red. 

Prepare for an immersive sensory dining experience with buckets of colour, music and of course tasty food! (includes edible flowers of course) 

16 February 2015

Maple Syrup!

I for one have definitely not forgotten that its pancake day tomorrow! Here's a little illustration of YUM Vermont Maple Syrup in celebration of this day :) 

Did you know that maple syrup is usually graded according to colour, and the colour is usually dictated by the season in which the maple syrup is produced. Light amber hues usually give a milder flavour, with dark grades tasting richer and being ideal for glazes and marinades. Compared with other natural sweeteners its actually healthier hurrah!

19 January 2015

End of an era

Well the time has come to end my contributions to The Simple Things magazine, I've worked on the 'Miscellany' section of the magazine for a few years now, producing 3 illustrations a month. The commissions have been weird and weirder and quite challenging, I've posted a few here and will post the Feb issue when it's on shelf.

Thanks for following!

1.) What to do with your leftover Halloween Pumpkin: A Pumpkin bird feeder of course. Hang it in the garden and hope it doesnt turn to mush.
2.) Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing that handwriting for those thank you cards. No biros or iPhones allowed.
3. )Play petanque. Anywhere!  

4.) Learn how to easily tie-dye a T-shirt. And make a lot of mess.

5.) Make a Crayola candle. Ok then.
6.) Pack an essential festival kit bag and dont forget the wet wipes!

7. )Write with a good old fashioned pen and ink on grubby looking paper.

8.) Pick up vintage tea-cups as and when you see them, charity shops, boot fairs ... Plant bulbs in them and give them away as presents. Just dont try and wrap them :)