10 December 2014

Hot off the kitchen cupboard!

Iv'e just added some new prints to my shop, thought you might like to know:) Here are some pics...These are selling fast so be sure to get your Christmas orders in soon!
Check them out HERE

7 November 2014

The Perfect Cheeseboard

I think I've had a few posts about cheese on here...and here's another for The Simple Things Magazine, illustrating the proper way to do a cheeseboard....Go!

28 October 2014

New Prints for sale

I have some new Giclee prints for sale! Currently I have a range of prints from my original acrylic and watercolour illustrations of classic food cupboard items. I will hopefully also be creating a range of prints from veg paintings and the like soon. I can take custom orders if you would like larger sizes.

You will find them on my online shop... www.georginaluck.bigcartel.com.

Just in time for the perfect Christmas gift!

7 October 2014

A Portrait of John Hickenlooper for the National Journal

I was asked by the team at National Journal to paint a portrait of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper leading up to his reelection in November.

I love painting portraits! I find it pretty challenging as I havent created many, and I tend to get impatient with waiting for paint to dry but I am enjoying layering to create shapes and tones.

You can read the full article here! Thanks for following :)

24 September 2014

Bramble ramble...

Heres a mini illustration recently commissioned for Slimming World Magazine. 
Hooray for free fruit :)

25 August 2014


Recent illustration for The Simple Things magazine, on how to navigate a field of cows.

13 June 2014

Craft Beer label illustrations for Jamie Magazine

I'm so excited to say that I recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Jamie Magazine on an full page spread with some local chaps reviewing 10 UK Craft Beers.

I painted the folks reviewing the beer....Jim Jonny and Brad onto retro style beer caps for the title opener and then a jumble of the beer labels to the side.

23 May 2014

Shop alert!

I've set up a mini shop online, where you can buy my limited edition, very high quality Giclee prints! So far there are just 5 products, but watch this space for more on the way. 

Follow the link below to browse the shop.

1 May 2014

Shhh! (Auction)

Tonight there will be a silent auction of an original painting on canvas by me :) all proceeds going to Friends of Sussex Hospice as part of the opening of my very first Brighton Open House.

The house is called 'Peanut Butter Tree Arts' because there's a tree in the garden with leaves that smell like peanut butter!  Personally I cant stand the stuff or the smell but that's a good thing otherwise there'd be none left in the jar to paint...?

Throughout the festival I'm displaying veggies, macaroons and oversized gin bottles, all original acrylic on canvas and all for sale! The house is open throughout May on Saturday and Sunday probably 11-6 ish. The address is 3, Lawrence road Hove BN3 5QA and the house is part of the West Hove trail if you want a planned route to see a few open houses.

Also at the house to get your hands on are my limited edition Giclee prints of my packaging paintings. I'd love to know what you think if you go along to the event. I'm hoping to escape the studio and see some open houses myself for a change! Here's the painting up for auction TONIGHT!

16 April 2014


Goat's cheese and an idea of what to do with it! Goat's cheese on apple slices with walnuts and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar Editorial for Runner's World magazine.

19 March 2014

Awards time!

Here are a few more of my illustrations from the Heinz Organic Baby Food collection (Australia). I found out today that the range won 'Highly Commended' at the Australian Packaging Design Awards 2013. Happy face.

25 February 2014

A bunch of Illustrations for The Simple Things magazine

Make a twig whistle!
Your peaceful walk in the woods just got a bit shriller… Sorry
Twelfth Night vs Burns Night
Which knees-up is it worth venturing out for?

Keep your feet warm
Ward off chilblains and irritability

Make a military style bed
There’s a reason sergeant majors have a thing about a well-made bed (and it’s not because they’re mean!)

Prepare roadkill pheasant
Enjoy game season without a gun!

Make your own ganache
Easy-peasy ganache truffles for Chocolate Week (14th-20th October)