12 November 2013

Miscellany illustrations, November

Issue 17 is out and for this month I illustrated a cosy woodburner as well as a messy cake baking session for 'Stir-up Sunday'.

12 September 2013

Heinz Organic baby food

A while back I posted a sneak preview of some new work... here and I can now reveal the project! These illustrations feature across packaging for the whole Heinz Organic baby food range in Australia. Woohoo! There'll be a write up about it soon on my website.

28 July 2013

A catch up on my miscellany illustrations for the last few issues of The Simple Things magazine...

Chuck a paper doilly on top of your sponge cake and sift icing sugar / cocoa powder over the top to get a fancy pattern :)

Send a proper old fashioned lightweight brown paper parcel complete with that lovely red and white string.

Go crabbing!

How to erect a tent (not like this).

How to grow a lush brightly coloured hanging basket like this!

A plate of edible flowers on a salad

Some must haves for a proper picnic, including glass wine glasses and china plates, a thermos of tea and some wrapped bottles of booze in damp newspaper, some good chocolate and biscuits!

10 May 2013


"Erfrischungstee" is a new product in Germany which is a combination of organic tea refined with organic fruit juices and cane sugar. I was commissioned to work on three packaging illustrations for the three flavours and here are the results below! The flavours are Peppermint Tea with Blackberry; Green Tea with Mango; White Tea with Cranberry & Acai.

17 April 2013

Sneaky preview

Here's a sneaky snippet of some food illustrations for packaging I've been working on recently, its been a really exciting project and I cant wait to show the whole lot in a few months when its on shelf!

16 April 2013

Map Illustration for BRITAIN magazine

I recently worked on an editorial piece for the official Britain Magazine. I created a map of Rutland and surrounding areas in the East Midlands, for an article on 'Hidden England'.

The aim was to maintain the traditional and historical brand of Britain, whilst adding a bit of style and watercolour elements to the map illustration.

26 March 2013

Miscellany Illustrations, March

Here's some pics of my illustrations for The Simple Things magazine, March issue. (although I'm not totally sure that Spring really is here yet...

This month's drawings included old-fashioned spring cleaning - proper style - like whitewashing the walls.

Also what your chosen method of pencil sharpening says about you, and lastly a small drawing of how simply you can grow potatoes...basically in pretty much anything even an old compost bag.

24 February 2013

Miscellany Illustrations, February

Feb issue is already out! This month I illustrated how to do a coin trick; what to look for in a wellington boot; and flowering plants you can get going on with growing now.

19 February 2013

Last year on this day...

My typographic illustration was published on the front cover of The New York Times Magazine!! Happy anniversary me :)

11 February 2013

Miscellany Illustrations, January

Some of my monthly illustrations in January's The Simple Things magazine, including How to turn a dress into a skirt, which spuds are good for what, and how to stop your garden pond from freezing over...

8 February 2013

Runner's World Magazine

Here's my new teeny illustrations in monthly column of Runner's World magazine. Its a feature on what's in season and good to eat, and then an idea on how to cook with it. This one was good old beetroot, with a recipe idea for sliced beets on pizza using the green leaves shredded as a topping. Was dubious about the recipe but have since tried it and really is gooood.

29 January 2013

New Packaging illustrations

A sneak peek of some new illustrations I've been working on for some packaging here in the UK.  That's all I can say right now! More to be revealed soon...

24 January 2013

Miscellany illustrations

I'm a little far behind here as this was the Christmas issue..oops I hope it's not bad luck to post it!

The illustrations this month included a red post box for a section on Xmas posting times and random games pieces for a section on how to cheat at board games ( tut tut not sure I approve - although kind of handy).

14 January 2013

Favourite Bedtime Snack? Cheese.

Here's my spot illustration for The Simple things magazine as featured on the last page.