29 March 2012

Tesco Organic

Thought it was about time I posted about this! I've been working for quite a while with Tesco creating their artwork for the labels of their organic range.

This is the first product I worked on, a hard one to start with and it's always tricky painting something that is white with watercolour :-/ Below are some other options I presented for the composition with the coconut.

They've had a soft launch of these products so it hasn't been one giant replacement of the whole range...which works out well for me, otherwise I would have a big pile of foods to illustrate and no sleep for a while!

I'll post other illustrations up when they come out in stores. The next one after this was Organic Soya Milk...

Hope you like!

20 March 2012

Gardens Illustrated Magazine - February

A little bit behind here woops but here's the spot illustrations I did for BBC Gardens Illustrated February issue. Like the idea of a dead hedge..if only I had some trees...

12 March 2012

NY Times Magazine Cover

I was commissioned by Hilary Greenbaum to work on a typographic illustration for the cover of New York Times Magazine (!)

The article is about how your shopping habits can reveal even the most personal information...like when you're going to have a baby.

Here's a link to the article: How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Lots of comments on here too worth reading on the subject. Some people seem really shocked and disgusted, whilst others draw attention to Facebook and other intrusive companies.

Here's a close up of some of the letters made up of packages. This was a lot of fun to work on. wahoo!

1 March 2012

Sneaky snippet

Here's a sneak preview at some fruit illustrations I've been working on recently.