5 December 2012

Diner Journal

Just through my letterbox is issue 22 of The Diner Journal, produced by a group of Brooklyn based restauranteurs. I've illustrated a chargrilled corn cob to accompany a recipe for Grilled Corn with Clarified Lobster Butter!

22 November 2012


Hosted by Agency Rush, and Crush Creative design agency in Brighton, Glug is a celebration of collaborative creativity, culminating in a night of speakers, live art and pop-up shops. 'More Notworking than Networking'  Who wouldn't enjoy that??

I was asked to be involved as one of the 5 artists creating a piece on a 4ft board throughout the night. The theme was 'Gunpowder, Treason & Plot'.

I took inspiration from the medal that King James I had made just after the discovery of the plotters, which was an engraving of a serpent laying amongst flowers. Shakespeare shortly after wrote Macbeth, and there were subtle references to the gunpowder plot within the play. The words here I have painted are what Lady Macbeth says to Macbeth:

'Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it'

OK the muskets aren't totally relevant but I had to find an excuse to paint them as I had a fab book with tons of illustrated guns which I picked up at a boot fair recently. T'was a brilliant night with tons of lovely people!

15 November 2012

Thanks Pirouline!

Received a whole selection of tasty treats from the lovely folks at Pirouline for featuring their product in the cover I created for the NY Times back in February, what a nice surprise :)

6 November 2012

The Simple Things

I cant remember if I mentioned this before! I'll have work featured in 'The Simple Things'  each month, which is a craft, interiors and lifestyle magazine. It is beautifully designed and generally scrumptious in lots of ways.

I'll be illustrating various curiosities for the 'Miscellany' section which is everything from practical and playful tips, notes and bits n bobs all designed to enhance the simple lifestyle.

Here are the illo's from issue 2 which was out a few weeks ago.

5 November 2012

Handmade with Love

Appleducks presents 'Handmade with Love' an art and craft event held this coming Saturday in Tunbridge Wells.  I'll be there!

I have prints available and cards too, ranging from Christmas to Colman's Mustard.  I have also been beavering away at some new veggie paintings on canvas so please do come take a look!

29 October 2012

22 October 2012

Shop Painting

This is a painting I recently created for the lovely people of Dig In, Redfield's green grocer, in Bristol.  They recently featured on Nigel Slater's TV show, and he asked them about their recipes they have up on the walls in the shop for cooking inspiration.

 Check them out if you are in the area, or follow them here on Facebook

4 October 2012


I've just had a write up in Computer Arts Magazine, whey!

Following my contributions to the new magazine The Simple Things, I was contacted by Computer Arts and asked a few questions about my self and my work.

Chuffed to bits about how it came out :)

4 September 2012

New editorial illustrations

Here's a snippet of an illustration I recently did for a shiny new magazine soon to be out... more will be revealed soon :)

1 August 2012

'Hellohead' illustration exhibition at Cargo London

I took part in a portrait swap with some illustrator friends and this is my portrait of Sarah Lippet.  The works are being exhibited at Cargo London in August, and its going to be a pretty big event, sponsored by Creative Pool.

Curated by illustrators Lucy Joy and Rosie Shorter each illustrator's name was picked from a hat and paired with another at random. There is some fantastic work on show from the talents that are Jack Teagle, Holly Wales, Bob London, Gemma Correll, Pat Perry, Telegramme Studio, Pomme Chan, Kate Copeland, Pietari Posti, Miss Led, Tim McDonagh, Sandra Diekmann and many more.

The night is bursting at the seams with fun and creativity for all. There will be a silent art auction of all the prints (so bid your max and cross your fingers!) Live portrait drawing, a pop up shop, plus an interactive set and lots more. Be sure to bring your pennies as all money raised goes towards the National Autistic Society (NAS).
Here's a link to the website: www.hellohead.co.uk

The exhibition is on for one night only! Wednesday 22nd August, 6pm onwards at CARGO - 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY.

5 July 2012

Feature: The Packaging Design Blog

This week I've had two features on a very cool blog The Packaging Design Blog James wrote a bit about me and my illustrations, I found what he said really interesting.  A few days later he posted about the Momo's Meals I created the artwork for, saying he thought it was one of the nicest pack designs he'd seen in while!


1 July 2012

Momo's Meals

A while back I posted HERE about a project I was working on for a start-up company called Didi's Food Adventures. Since then the real adventure has begun and the products are selling well in Australia!

Called 'Momo’s Meals' as a tribute to Didi's mum “Momo” who has been creating and cooking delicious and comforting food for as long as he can remember, the products are fresh, certified organic and free of nasties.

14 June 2012

Mini biscuit paintings

Here is a photo with all of the biscuits I recently painted on miniature canvas boards for a wedding table plan. Thanks for the photo Emily!

21 May 2012

The Asahi Shimbun

You might remember from an earlier post that I did a cover back in Feb for the New York Times Magazine? Well its now also been published in Japan in The Asahi Shimbun. It came through the post the other day so I thought I'd take some pics to show you. Tidy.

24 April 2012

Oh hello illustrations!

Another product I have refreshed in the Tesco Organic range. Its hard to see here, but the illustrations wrap around the sides of the carton. Here's the cereal bowl up close:

11 April 2012

Custard Cream!

Here's a little number I painted the other day, for a friend's wedding table plan. It's painted on a mini linen canvas board, they're so cute! There are more to come but I thought the Custard Cream is the daddy of biscuits.

Although personally I am addicted to ginger nuts.

29 March 2012

Tesco Organic

Thought it was about time I posted about this! I've been working for quite a while with Tesco creating their artwork for the labels of their organic range.

This is the first product I worked on, a hard one to start with and it's always tricky painting something that is white with watercolour :-/ Below are some other options I presented for the composition with the coconut.

They've had a soft launch of these products so it hasn't been one giant replacement of the whole range...which works out well for me, otherwise I would have a big pile of foods to illustrate and no sleep for a while!

I'll post other illustrations up when they come out in stores. The next one after this was Organic Soya Milk...

Hope you like!

20 March 2012

Gardens Illustrated Magazine - February

A little bit behind here woops but here's the spot illustrations I did for BBC Gardens Illustrated February issue. Like the idea of a dead hedge..if only I had some trees...

12 March 2012

NY Times Magazine Cover

I was commissioned by Hilary Greenbaum to work on a typographic illustration for the cover of New York Times Magazine (!)

The article is about how your shopping habits can reveal even the most personal information...like when you're going to have a baby.

Here's a link to the article: How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Lots of comments on here too worth reading on the subject. Some people seem really shocked and disgusted, whilst others draw attention to Facebook and other intrusive companies.

Here's a close up of some of the letters made up of packages. This was a lot of fun to work on. wahoo!

1 March 2012

Sneaky snippet

Here's a sneak preview at some fruit illustrations I've been working on recently.

21 February 2012

Gardens Illustrated Magazine - January

This was published in January of this year, it's a new column by Lia Leendertz in BBC Gardens Illustrated Magazine, mostly about what you can be doing in the garden ( and kitchen) at each month of the year. parsnip cake looks like one to make :)

I'll be posting each issue up with my illustrations when they are out.