30 September 2011

Illustrated M&S Cookery Bibles

Last year I was commissioned to create the cover artwork for M&S's series of cookery bibles which are published each year...and so you can imagine how excited I was to see them sitting proud on the top shelf in store last week!

The illustrations were painted using airbrush inks which give brilliant results & vibrant colours, once I get warmed up with painting the inks then go everywhere and that's when they get messy and splashy!

This was my favourite cover to do - the Baking Bible. I have to paint from life and real objects so had to make a big fluffy victoria sponge cake. I'm not the best cake maker but it rose up nicely and I'm pretty sure the number of eggs I used was unhealthy..
Here are some of the other cover pieces:


Zara Bloomfield said...

They look fabulous Georgie!! Well Done! It's SO exciting to see your work in print =) X x

Pamela Carnes said...

Congratulations George!! they're fantastic book covers, makes me want to bake a cake.

Rin-Rin said...

I'm in love) looks so beautiful