22 November 2011

Illustration for TAM

What a nice thing to get in the post on a grey day like today. This issue of Tam Nas Nuvens ( the in-flight magazine on TAM airlines) was all about Mexico... so of course there had to be an article on peppers. I've illustrated 6 different types here, and also painted a giant pepper being carried by 3 Mariachi's.

The publisher even posted a mini photo of me with a silly blurb I made about how much I like chilli's. Hope you like!

14 November 2011

Mini open studio event THIS WEEKEND.

This will be a Christmassy event held in my friend Sarah Harvey's studio, there are 5 of us all together so expect to see a lot of work... I'll have some original paintings, greetings cards and also a sparkly new set of giclee prints for sale.

The studio is part of the old timber yard in Eridge, which is easily reached behind Eridge train station, off the A26 main road which runs from Tunbridge Wells to Brighton.

Be nice to see you there :-D

6 November 2011

New studio + painting + strawberry wine = good weekend.

Here it is..aint it cute?

I've been looking for a studio for ages, they're hard to find around here. but its finally happened... Theres no running water and it'll take a bit of getting used to but its very central so hope to be able to open it to the public some weekends.

Ive been painting carrots for a current commission, I cant show you all of it just yet!

10 October 2011

Pumpkin Soup time!

Thought I would post this up and then realised its quite fitting as its halloween soon of course.
This is a project I've been working on for a guy called Didi who is starting up an organic food and beverage company in Australia.

The logo and title of the soup are cut out of the illustration which works really well, I masked the text out with masking fluid and painted the pumpkin over the top. I like the hand-painted feel but the company wanted it to be a bit more slick so they decided to place the text digitally over the top of the illustration instead, so they look more like this:

It started with a pumpkin soup, and now the range has expanded to tomato soup, lamb soup, chicken soup, moroccan chickpea soup - and baked beans...more to follow when they go into production...

30 September 2011

Illustrated M&S Cookery Bibles

Last year I was commissioned to create the cover artwork for M&S's series of cookery bibles which are published each year...and so you can imagine how excited I was to see them sitting proud on the top shelf in store last week!

The illustrations were painted using airbrush inks which give brilliant results & vibrant colours, once I get warmed up with painting the inks then go everywhere and that's when they get messy and splashy!

This was my favourite cover to do - the Baking Bible. I have to paint from life and real objects so had to make a big fluffy victoria sponge cake. I'm not the best cake maker but it rose up nicely and I'm pretty sure the number of eggs I used was unhealthy..
Here are some of the other cover pieces:

25 July 2011

Thirsty work

I haven't posted in a while as I've been busy doing this...

and this!

The illustrations are for an outdoor campaign for one of Portugal's leading suppliers of drinking water - Agua Serra da Estrela. The artwork depicts the Portuguese mountain range, including typical cheeses, a shepherd with his sheep and the unusual dome shaped hotels found in the mountains.

I wasn't used to painting landscapes but I loved painting the water and of course daydreaming about holidays in Portugal mmmm.
I also hand-painted the lettering which translates as 'one of the best things coming from the mountain' . These are now live throughout Portugal on billboards, bus shelters ...oh yeah and online :)
A review can also be seen here

6 June 2011

Currently taking part in...

Find me at Saltmarsh Studio
32, Monson Road
Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1LU
Monday to Saturday from NOW until 18th June!
I have lots of new work to see! x

4 April 2011

A bunch of birds

Various birds painted last year for sale through
Lucy Woodhouse for table top designs.

25 February 2011

French chairs

I have lately been getting into french chairs after stumbling across a collection of them on the tinterweb, so decided to start my own illustrated collection. Here's the first 4!

23 February 2011

Sneaky preview

Here's a sneaky preview of some illustrations i have been busying away at over the past few months for a series of cookery book jackets...I can't show any more just as yet but when they are out in stores I can reveal all...